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You deserve to get the best quality Legal Costs Consultants your hard-earned money can buy. We will tirelessly pursue your claim for Legal Costs until you are happy and the right result has been reached.

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How we can help…

It has long been the case that Solicitors firms live or die by their cash-flow. In recent years we have all seen some firms collapse simply because their access to funds has been restricted to a point where it can no longer survive. This life-blood is of course derived from the Profit Costs its fee earners bill and then the costs they recoup when claiming those Costs from the other side.

We have all seen examples of when Costs cases don’t quite go to plan and Solicitors regret ever asking their chosen firm to ever get involved at all. It is understood by all who work in litigation that there is always a risk when embarking on a case, whether in the main action or Costs action, but as Solicitors your priority is to minimise that risk so that at the conclusion of the case, you come out on top (or at least in profit). The choice of firms wanting to deal with your costs is mind-boggling. There are big costs firms out there and there are small ones too. The big ones tend to shout the loudest to make themselves heard but in reality, they aren’t necessarily better as they often employ junior staff in order to keep the big wheels turning. As a small firm, we only employ experienced Draftsmen so that when you instruct us you are guaranteed to have your costs dealt with by a fee earner with over 20 years’ experience. Another benefit of being one of the smaller ones is that we are extremely adaptable and responsive to your costs needs.

The question is, would you rather deal with one of the large faceless companies or a small but capable firm who have nothing but your best interests at heart? If you want to be just another client to one of the big firms that is fine of course. But if you would rather be a valued client as one of a select few then we can certainly oblige.

Unlike our competitors in what is a crowded market-place, we don’t cause the most fuss and we don’t shout a lot either. What we always aim to do is to deliver to you the best service in the best timeframe possible. We prefer to give a realistic view on performance and then over-deliver with results. And because our fees are often covered by the other side as part of any costs settlement instructing us to deal with your valuable legal costs becomes ‘cost neutral’ to you and your firm.


We specialise in dealing with high-value Claimant work but are just as familiar with the ins and outs of Defendant costs work too.

All our drafting is done by senior Draftsmen with a wealth of experience and drafting knowledge. You won’t be fobbed off by having your cases allocated to costs personnel with little or no experience.

Our Solicitor clients will always receive the best drafting possible in as quick a turn-around as possible. We aim to return files within 7-10 working days, however this may vary depending on size and complexity of cases received. Cases which are urgent can be prepared ahead of others too, however notice of the urgent incoming file and its expected due date will be required to ensure we are in a position to meet your needs along with those of other clients.

We are experts in negotiation and resolution of costs discussions and never go blindly into a discussion without first knowing what parameters we are working towards to meet your expectations for costs. Obviously, maximising the level of costs you receive while minimising our fees for acting is our primary goal.

With 20 years of experience you can be sure of a good result on your costs

We act in a wide variety of costs too, a few examples of which are:

  • Clinical Negligence cases
  •  Complex or High Value Personal Injury cases

  •  Court of Protection
  •  Employment Cases

  •  Commercial and International Property

  •  Family Law matters

Additional benefits include a door-to-door Courier service (by agreement) and we are also on the DX for ease of receipt of instructions.

Overall you won't find a more capable company to deal with your Solicitors' Costs. Contact us today to discuss how we can improve on your current costs procedures and recovery.


With 20 years of costs experience we are confident that with us, you are in safe hands. We aren’t the cheapest costs firm as we believe that, in costs as in life, you get what you pay for. We have two fee arrangements to suit your needs.

  1. You can either be invoiced based on an hourly rate of £130.00 per hour which usually works out the most economic for clients.

  2. Or you can be invoiced on a flat rate of 4.75% of Profit Costs as drawn so that you always know what the fee for the drafting is going to be; the flat rate is highly competitive in comparison to other Costs Drafting firms.

Any further work needed in relation to Points of Dispute or Replies to the same will be invoiced based on the hourly rate basis.

For clients providing repeat instructions we are usually happy to defer payment of our fees until settlement of the case or interim payment on costs is received from the Paying Party, whichever is sooner. Alternative payment arrangements will be considered on request.

Warwick has a deep knowledge of and feel for the costs process and industry. He is always willing and able to provide invaluable insight into the prospects of any particular case; he is aware of the tricks and tactics of the opposition and is not afraid of going to detailed assessment where necessary. He recently kept his nerve in protracted negotiations to recover £15,000.00 more than I would have accepted on a particularly difficult case, avoiding service of Request for Detailed Assessment so saving the SCCO fee to boot.

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Try our services for 3 months. Put us through our paces, and see what kind of results you get. We’re so confident you’ll be happy 3 months of using our service that we will offer you a full refund of the original fee raised by us on work you provided. 

Try it out and see what happens for you – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us at to take advantage of our guarantee.


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