If you are struggling to reach agreement on an important or potentially expensive dispute then Mediation should be considered. Whether it's Domestic, Family, Employment or even a Legal Costs dispute you should call us today to find out how we can help.

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If you have a domestic, work or corporate dispute on which you are meeting stiff opposition and are therefore considering your options for commencing legal proceedings then a course of action well worth your thought is Mediation.

Mediation is a legal process designed to assist the parties in dispute to reach a satisfactory and mutual conclusion. The benefits of Mediation are considerable:

Cost – Agreements can often be reached in a matter of hours rather than the months it would take to be resolved through a court. This means that your legal action/dispute is not only resolved swiftly but at a fraction of the cost of a potentially long-running case. The cost of Mediation is usually split equally between both parties, who must both agree to the Mediation process.

Confidentiality – All discussions and concerns raised during Mediation are treated as completely confidential, as opposed to court hearings which are public. In virtually all instances, notes of the Mediation sessions are destroyed and rarely form the basis of evidence to be used in court at a later date.

Control – In Mediation the parties concerned have more control over the resolution, as opposed to a court case where control resides with the judge. Therefore, the outcome  is more likely to be mutually agreeable to both sides.

Compliance –  Because both parties have worked together to reach a decision, compliance with an agreement made during Mediation is usually high. It is also legally binding and carries the full weight of a Court Order.

Support  – The Mediator provides a structure or framework within which the parties discuss their issues and concerns without being judged. They often act as a go-between or communicator between the parties and are trained to work with difficult situations. This professional guidance through the entire process helps to aid a timely and mutually agreeable resolution.

As a skilled lawyer and expert negotiator of many years experience, Warwick Jarvis is proud to offer his Mediation services as an accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator having completed the formal training provided by Chambers Solicitors, a CCM Accredited course, whilst achieving a 100% score on the qualification exam. Warwick is a friendly and approachable individual who is an excellent communicator.

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