Experts in Solicitors' Legal Costs

We deal predominantly with Claimant Legal Costs but are equally proficient in Defendant Costs too. Whichever discipline we are engaged with you can be assured that we really know what we are doing. The proof really is in the results we deliver both for drafting and negotiations. Just call or email us today.

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Our Specialist Costs Services 

We provide the full extent of Claimant and Defendant Solicitors Legal Costs services; from drafting Schedules of Costs to Bills of Costs and negotiating them successfully, from Statements of Costs for Court hearings to Points of Dispute and Replies to the same. Our highly trained staff will also pursue appropriate and suitable cases all the way to Detailed Assessment if agreement cannot be reached.  

  • Whether you are seeking to recover costs under the old regime or whether you are venturing into the post Jackson Costs system, we are here for you!

  • Whether you need sound legal advice or simply want to discuss the plan of action for your costs going forward, we can help.

  • It may take one telephone call or it may take ten telephone calls for your needs to be identified but you can rest assured we want to get to the bottom of what you need and then be the ones to provide those services to you!

  • We have highly experienced in-house and external Costs Draftsmen and Counsel who are all well-versed in dealing with anything from RTA's to large or complex claims for costs.

  • We can also provide advice to clients on Legal Costs matters, specifically or generally, and won’t ever charge for doing so; it is all part of our top-quality service to our clients. 

For full details of our services please leave your name and email address in the box on the right. Alternatively, we would be happy to discuss your specific costs requirements by telephone, Skype or in person.